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What is a Private Construction Loan?

Construction loans are home loans best suited to building or renovating a new property, rather than buying an already established one. As such, they follow different loan structures. 

Often enough, you won’t need the sum of your loan upfront during the construction process. Construction loans differ from regular home loans in that they generally grant you access to progressive drawdowns. 

When taking a construction loan with Rebuild Financial, you can access instalments of funds whenever you need, as you move through the many stages of a construction project.

Private Construction Loan Lender - Builder & Property Development Finance

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Finding the perfect property is not easy, and while building your own can be a grand undertaking, it gives you freedom to get creative with a design that best suits your lifestyle. But funding a project can be time-consuming and, more importantly, cost intensive. 

If you have plans to initiate a construction project - be it demolition, renovation, or starting fresh, a construction loan is a sound consideration. Rebuild Financial specialises in private construction loans. If you're having trouble securing a loan, we're here to help - we even work with bad credit.

Private Construction Loans - Construction Top Up Loans - Developer and Builder Loans

Developer & Construction Top Up Loans


Tailored to your needs


Construction financing lenders often accept Interest Only payments during the actual construction, which means lower repayments during that stage of your project.  


Cut the hassle


Make additional payments towards your construction loan amount at any time to reduce your loan balance and save on interest expenses


Fine-tune your loan

Build in Stages

Progressive drawdowns allow you to comfortably move through the building process with the flexibility required to ensure that you achieve the result you want.

Our Private Construction Loans:

Bad Credit Construction Loans

Low credit scores are of little concern to us - as long as you have equity, you can secure a loan.

Non-Bank Construction Loans

If the banks are turning you away, or if you simply prefer not to use one, Rebuild Financial has you covered.

Construction Top-Up Loans

Looking to acquire some funds to cover unexpected costs in a construction project? We can help get you a loan even if you've already begun building.

Private Construction Loans

Private loans are shorter-term loans that work great if you're looking to get something done quickly. Cut through the hassle of borrowing traditionally.

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Can't get a construction loan from a traditional lender?

Today, private lenders offer a legitimate alternative to traditional bank construction loans, creating a competitive lending environment that borrowers can greatly capitalise on. 

Private lenders will specialise in one form of lending or other. Of course, Rebuild Financial focuses on construction. But more than that, we’re here to help if you’re having trouble scoring a traditional bank loan. 

Private vs Bank Lending

As with any large institution, a bank’s size and stability is a double-edged sword.

Larger organisations operate under a more complicated hierarchy, which means increasingly complex business processes and more overheads.

This often results in slower services and longer wait times. If you need funds urgently, non-bank loans could be the choice for you, and this is one of the things we offer.

There will be slightly higher interest rates, though this is to account for the higher risk tolerance of our private lenders. 

Private Construction Loans - Construction Top Up Loans - Developer and Builder Loans

Lo Doc? No Problem. 

We specialise in helping clients with minimal documentation or past arrears – whether due to being self-employed or any other reason. The application process is easy and fast; just send in the short application and one of our experienced lending managers will get back to you within a single working day.

If you’re having troubles with bad credit, be sure to contact us about our bad credit construction loans. As always, we’re happy to help, and this could also be a great way to build both your property and your credit score.

Private Construction Loan Lender - Builder & Property Development Finance

Enjoy full transparency.

No hidden fees or charges are included, and you’ll have a clear view of the status of your loan.

Rebuild Financial will arrange a loan with the lender based on your needs, so you don’t have to worry about doing everything by yourself. 

As a final bit of advice – equity is required. Prepare the details in advance and we'll be ready to help you out with a loan nearly instantly.

Private Construction Loans - Construction Top Up Loans - Developer and Builder Loans

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Private Construction Loans - Construction Top Up Loans - Developer and Builder Loans

"If your paperwork's not in order but your development is, we can look into funding your project for you. Rebuild Financial has over two decades of experience in private and construction lending, and with the history of non-bank lending in mind, I will personally see to it that you get the best deal we can offer."

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